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where is all my gentleman at?

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where is all my gentleman at?

Postby Ruth 46 days, 14 hours ago

Sorry i have to find out what happen to my men that have oldfashion values. why do men talk to all women like we want to be treated like sluts, can't they feel you out before the say anything stupid and then when you don't respond to them your called stuckup or snobby or a bitch. just because i told you to back up you to close and say what you mean and mean what you ###y do they get upset when you turn them down instead the should think of something better to say.

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Re: where is all my gentleman at?

Postby Kurisu 46 days, 11 hours ago

I'm afraid it's just a retarted society now. >_
Us gentleman exist, but man are we getting more and more extinct in this world of selfishness. D:

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