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What is sooo wrong with a big woman?

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Re: What is sooo wrong with a big woman?

Postby Loretta Lucia 3 days, 4 hours ago


Loretta Lucia
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Re: What is sooo wrong with a big woman?

Postby Tempted73 3 days, 2 hours ago

Hey Twistie,
I have just read this forum and I agree with both sides here. I am a believer in both sides of the coin (or story) but can so relate as I am a size 16-18 and guys won't even acknowledge me online, BUT in saying this, I had a absolutely fabulous year last year meeting men from online and if you are confident in yourself then it does not really matter!!! I say this because I have full confidence knowing that I am a wonderful woman who is just as fussy at choosing men as they choose me!, (if not more so).

I can appreciate the guy that responded to you and I am glad that he did. He took a risk and unfortunately alot of men (and women) do not do that anymore, as it is wayyyy to easy to 'get out of sticky situations' online. He is one of the few that did that....(sorry, I did not get your name, but thankyou).

I am honest here in saying that I am very positive in knowing that we as 'bigger' women probably are perceived as 'lazy' but am working on it ( I like you get to the gym). I know that I know how to give a man a mighty hell of a time and be the best woman that he will ever be with....but looks, initially, are the one thing they cannot get past. Physical attraction is soooo important, I understand that as I totally agree, but......I might be a bigger size than what I wan't to be right now, but I can sure make it up with my personality.

So Twister, you are unique. Be proud of you. If you ask for an opinion, expect one you don't want to hear, but know that you are a sweetheart inside,

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