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What do you think?

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What do you think?

Postby Moo 152 days, 13 hours ago

Some girl never have boyfriend .Because she fat girl.Someone think she is tomboy.No,She is not.She like a man.
Still single all the time.

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Re: What do you think?

Postby Kees 152 days, 8 hours ago

Ok... tastes and preferences differ per person. I personally prefer a size 8 over a size 12 but looks and appearances change. As people get older, their bodies change. The exterior undergoes changes and this is something that we have not been able to stop, regardless of the billions invested in pharmaceuticals world wide.

The interior also changes but this is through experience and love is part of that experience. Someones physical appeal is the calling card that invites you to get to know the person behind the facade.

I have dated many stunning models and everyone of them had their ghosts and insecurities. Some of my bigger friends are confident about their size and this confidence beams like pure sunshine. They are happy girls, married or in long lasting relationships.

Just for the fun of it, check out these two numbers on YouTube and smile:

LOUIS PRIMA - Bigger The Figure
MIKA - Big Girls

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