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Too fat/too thin?

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Re: Too fat/too thin?

Postby JESSY. 21 days, 14 hours ago

To me there both a massive turn off to guys..
if ur too thin they dont like becouse u have no boobs or ass and pretty much have a 10 year olds body
But if ur big they dont like it eather.
I think not to skinny but nice shaped body is good
You can be a bigger girl and still be stunning it all comes down to if u take pride in yourself.
I am not a fan of ppl who let them selfs get massive as in obeast for the fact there lazy and do nothing to better themselfs!

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Re: Too fat/too thin?

Postby Elma 21 days, 8 hours ago

Linzzz wrote:Good question. I have been overweight my entire life, when I was born, I weighed 11 pounds! And it still is on going struggle. I'm not obese by any means, and I have been healthy my entire life. But the fat thing has always hindered me in relationships, and has made me quite shy due to being teased and all that.

But from my experience, I feel that men DO care about weight. I am twenty-two, never been on a "real" date. And I have only had one serious relationship. There has been so many times when I have gone out with my much thinner girlfriends and they get the drinks bought for them at bars, and not me. There has been many times where they have been approached by men, and I have been completely ignored. It hurts. And then it gets to the point where it's like "Why bother?" Out of fear of rejection, and then you end up settling for whatever man approaches you.

It's weird, but I don't have poor self esteem. I know that I smart, pretty, and hilarious. But dating is considerably harder for fat girls, we REALLY have to emphasize personality. Which it gets pretty tiring.

I know personality makes up for most of the attraction, but there needs to be some level of physical attraction as well.

I know how that feels
Struggling with same issue.
Our time will come ;)

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