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Strange..but is it normal?

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Re: Strange..but is it normal?

Postby Omid 13 days, 5 hours ago

you're not a dork or out of touch with the times. the times have changed but you are seeing guys behave like they have behaved ever since unga the caveman. what you should do is be ok to the idea of excepting the dating thing is going to be chock full of presumtions of sex and sex at the end of the date as a forgone conclusion from the get go and even before the minute the date begins. its what it's like. you women know what i'm talking about too so don't act all like what's he talking about. you meet a hunk and the sane jane turns into the female version of our friend unga the caveman. but that's what it's like. the dating world is full of crap and if you think you're dating is not all it's cracked up to be because of these three cherry picked meatbags then look at the similarities between them and avoid it the next time you pick someone for a date. maybe you'll get better results if the pool of suiters is broadended a bit. if you're picking the testosterone fuled sex driven then do something with the not so eager to spill his soup into the gene pool type. like you said smooth in to it with a few guys who are ready to date for more than sex. you don't need to put out to find out. and if you want a way to set the tone don't let the guy pay for the date. you pay and he'll get the message. he may not call you again but at least you both know where you stand.

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Re: Strange..but is it normal?

Postby Dan 12 days, 12 hours ago

Just as going to a strip joint is ultimately an unsatisfactory thing for bloke because he knows he will go home empty handed. The same applies to a general desire for sex rather than anything deeper. The desire is the driving force. But ultimately everyone wants love. So, again just going for sex is not ultimately satisfactory, but it doesn't stop the desire. It could be that we simply are more open to talking sexually these days because things are less repressed and polite than they were in the past maybe? More manners and tact may make it seem that sex is not so much the drive, but actually it always has been perhaps?

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