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personality or looks

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Re: personality or looks

Postby KwEen 19 days, 5 hours ago

well it doesn't really matter about the looks (well maybe a little bit), but its mainly the personality that people would go for or fall in love with..... :oops:
but if guys are too shallow and go for just the looks well ..................

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Re: personality or looks

Postby Aidan 17 days, 6 hours ago

Chris wrote:
Bex wrote:one of my fav sayings are " Perfect people arn't real and Real people arn't Perect"

That's one I'll have to remember. Do you know the attribution for that saying?

i agree with bex,what a saying

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Re: personality or looks

Postby James 16 days, 19 hours ago

Everyone's shallow to a point.

I like a good mix of both, but personality obviously wins. Luckily I can find beauty in many many women if I have the chance to look.

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Re: personality or looks

Postby Crosseyed luke 15 days, 22 hours ago

NO Fat Sweaty Bettys God, my friend would run me down!

Crosseyed luke
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Re: personality or looks

Postby Optiron 15 days, 16 hours ago

Shallow is not a trait specific to any given gender. Men do it. Women do it. Do not kid yourselves ladies and say that men are more shallow than women. If you are not shallow then go find a nice guy who happens to be 400 pounds and post a pic of you kissing him. Not all men are shallow and not all women are shallow.

Now for my shallow moment.

Bex...all I can say is....WOW.

Well that is not shallow. Just an observation. Very lovely.

Chi Chi as well.

And Genevieve that guy was shallow cause your damn nice lookin.

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Re: personality or looks

Postby Glenn 15 days, 13 hours ago

I believe looks initial attract the opposite sex if the personality isn't there all there is pretty much a booty call

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Re: personality or looks

Postby Suki 15 days, 12 hours ago

agree! most men goes for looks! =p

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Re: personality or looks

Postby Abdul-Rahman 15 days, 8 hours ago

Wow..Most girls here said "men goes for looks"

Well, I go the other way around..
It's personality that matters cause looks can always change..It's what's in the heart that matters the most cause when you grow older your long hair will be different..Your eyes will change and your body will probably change alot!
but one thing you'll always have ..That's your personality..If you're a good hearted person that cares about everyone ..and Just enjoys life to the fullest then you'll always be remembered for the things you've done ^_^

And yea..I'd go for the personality not the looks :lol:

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Re: personality or looks

Postby Ahmed 15 days, 2 hours ago

Looks used to matter to me alot but i think was just down to my own insecurities, i felt i needed someone so much better looking then me as a confidence boost.

But my best relationships have been with people i got to know and fell in love with there personality first.
Thats not to say they arent attractive, its just not what drew me to them initially.

of course attraction helps at the beginning if you are strangers to each other, its the first thing we notice, we cant tell if a person is wonderful without talking to them but i guess whats changed in me is the importance of it, before it was number 1 on the list but now just takes a whole lot more for a relationship to work and thats what im seeking, someone on my wavelength, who wants the same things, who can accept my flaws.

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