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love, fairy tale or real?

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love, fairy tale or real?

Postby gothchik 3 days, 1 hour ago

ok, so anyone ever get the idea here that we have been conditioned to believe that love is this wonderful thing that takes your breath away, that ties your stomach in knots, makes you stutter, makes the whole world seem like a better place, and that there is one person out there in this great big wide world for everyone?
as young girls we were read stories of knights in shining armor coming to the rescue of the maiden, stories of the terrible ogre that held the maiden hostage only to be slain by the valiant prince, so as young girls we were conditioned to believe that one day a prince charming would come to our aid and rescue us from all the injustices that we faced.
well, I don't know about all the women in the world, but I have looked for prince charming for many years and everytime I turn around, all I find are toads.
I am of the mind that this is all some sick joke that parents play on their kids to raise their hopes for that very special someone, only to be let down; therefore I have decided that when I am a grandmother, I will never read things like cinderella, snow white, romeo and juliet to my granddaughters, instead I will teach them something crocheting or some other hobby that they can spend their time doing when they find that they are alone and are really tired of searching through toads to find the prince, something useful to them.
so, does love really exist, or are we merely searching for a fairy tale that will never happen? :?:

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Re: love, fairy tale or real?

Postby Jocelynne 3 days ago

sadly enough gothchik I have heard somewhere that the whole soulmate thing is overrated but don't be discouraged!
It also doesn't hurt to read the kids the fairy tale stories, just make sure to explain to them that it is just a story and these stories help to build the imaginations of the youngsters.
I have my own little prince charming, my son (7). He will run to open/close the door for me, hugs me when I'm sad, asks me how I'm feeling today, etc...Now I never taught him to do those things..I did however teach him to call women "ladies"..and I hope that when he gets older he will still do those things for some other lady in his life.

Well that was just my few cents....... :D

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Re: love, fairy tale or real?

Postby Colin 2 days, 22 hours ago

It's all about being happy. Find someone that makes you happy and stick with them until you're no longer happy.

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Re: love, fairy tale or real?

Postby Dan 3 hours, 27 minutes ago

According to the cover title of some Buddhist book i read once, "love is letting go of fear", but I think they were talking generally rather than about someone specific. A start might be to not think of men as toads perhaps then you will be more open to the possibility. I don't blame you for being dispondent though, I've not had much luck either so far and time is running out! The other thing that people often say is that it happens when you least expect it, so perhaps once you have completely given up on the idea someone will come along and prove you wrong?

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