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lookin for love

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Re: lookin for love

Postby BJS 201 days, 6 hours ago

♥♥♥cHinX♥♥♥ wrote:hi.. everyone.. wanna chat????

hye.... sweet girl..

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Re: lookin for love

Postby Tyler 191 days, 9 hours ago

Love?...Yes, what a grand ideal. I would love to be in love. I have been. The sweetness of her smile, her lovely visage after she woke up, pure and simple without the pretense of make-up and manipulation. Love finds you when you least expect it, and it sweeps your feet out from under you. It isn't quite the same if you're looking for it, but it has the same meaning and same end-result. It is simple, it is complex. It will kill you and burn your corpse, then raise you from the ashes in glorious ressurection as a spell-bound phoenix filled with some vibrant new intoxication. It's the craziest trip I've ever taken, but I'm over it now. Learned a lot, good experience. Yeah, I'm definetely looking for that again. Another tangent? I'm getting bad for this. Love rocks, hope you find it!

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