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i need help

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i need help

Postby Ramy 212 days, 8 hours ago

i don't know what should i do
i love someone so much and he said he loves me so much but lately he changed :shock: he still cares about me but not as past :!: i don't know what happend :!: . he is chatting with other girls and he dosen't know that i know :cry: . he treats me in a bad way :cry: . he had a lot of problems and i helped him to solve those problems :? . i can't fell his words any more i can't fell that when he say i love you :x .
i really love him so much :| . what can i do to know that if he really love me or not? :( :cry: :?:

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Re: i need help

Postby Abrar 212 days, 5 hours ago

If he cheated other girls n u know it. . We r sorry we cn't ans u cause u r stuppid to go back of such a fu*king guy.

Instead i suggest u to search a gud guy who cn love u vice versa.

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