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I am here to meeting white friends;)

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Re: I am here to meeting white friends;)

Postby Raimonda Agniete 29 days, 22 hours ago

I have one black friend.. and all the time my dad ask me : so this time Raimonda, did u see his black tool? :lol:then i answer 4my dad: HE IS JUST friend!!!Friends dont show this :lol:

Raimonda Agniete
Posts: 80
Joined: 107 days, 19 hours ago

Re: I am here to meeting white friends;)

Postby Lothiriel 28 days, 23 hours ago

Why do you want to meet only "white friends"? I would not want to meet you just because you only want to meet white people. It sounds like you are a racist. Perhaps that was not the intent of your message. :?:

Posts: 17
Joined: 41 days, 15 hours ago


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