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I am doing something wrong???

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I am doing something wrong???

Postby Cindy on Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:03 pm

So I just got a message from some old guy saying that I should get off FreeHookup because I am strange and scaring guys with my 'bull*hit'
I am being completely honest and forthright. :!::|
I am really hurt that someone would slam me in a so-called 'flirt' :(
Is it wrong to be unique? To be slightly different than the masses in that I have a brain and use it?
If I am scaring guys off it's the guys that don't need to be here.
What could I possibly be doing that scares men :?::(:o:?(I mean what I post and state in my profile)

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Re: I am doing something wrong???

Postby Steve on Sat Apr 18, 2009 4:36 am

If I am scaring guys off it's the guys that don't need to be here.

well said!

The problem with FreeHookup is that there are some under 18's on here, and those who still act as under 18.

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Re: I am doing something wrong???

Postby Jason on Sat Apr 18, 2009 10:17 pm

Hey Cindy,

The thing with the internet is it attracts large groups of people with many different views and beliefs. I read your profile and it covers a strong religous view which may not be shared by some others and actually may be against their own beliefs. No need for them to comment to you about it, you are not strange. As the old saying goes there are 3 things you shoudln't talk about when first meeting someone, be they male or female...they are religion, politics and sex. You just jump in head first with the religion but that is what makes you, you. And people should respect that. As the last poster said, some people just need to grow up. If you don't have an interest, move along. hope that helps. :)you'll find your partner someone, stay strong.

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Re: I am doing something wrong???

Postby Julia on Sun Apr 19, 2009 9:23 am

hi Cindy,

i reviewed ur date me that u are not strange at all. You are unique, just like everyone.
And that's nothing wrong to be truthfull, just be are you, no one can displace :)

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Re: I am doing something wrong???

Postby Lauren on Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:34 am

I took a look at your date card too and just wanted to share my thoughts.

Each person is different and I feel we all have a 'soul mate" somewhere out there. Obviously, as stated before, you have strong feelings when it comes to religion. I think its good you put that in your date card so the guys know up front and there are several men out there that have feelings about religion just as strong as yours and wanting someone to share their love for God with. I find that listed all the time by guys on other single sites. You have things listed that, at least to me, would grab someones attention. Dont give up! The right guy will come along someday. You may meet him on here or in passing at the grocery store. They say "you meet him/her when you least expect it." So let your guard down a little and have fun :)

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Re: I am doing something wrong???

Postby Robby on Mon Apr 20, 2009 5:50 pm

Like they said you do have your ideals and thats what make you who you are, but on another note I feel you that when you said you said you wanted some one from a good GERMAN family that might scare people a little; even though you wrote afterward sayin that any strong family will do. The German thing is not neccessary and may scare people a little and people may think that you maybe a racist. Not that Im sayin you are.

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