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How does a young divorced single mom attract a good man?

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Re: How does a young divorced single mom attract a good man?

Postby Laura 19 days, 2 hours ago

Crisybelle wrote:I was married at 18 divorced by 21 and came away with the 2 loves of my life, my children . . . but it seems the only guys I attract are the 40 + or the creeps . . or beaters . . . what do I need to do to attract that really great guy that's good with kids, cute . . . and my age?!
i know what ur going through i have been there it is very hard to re-enter the dating world but u r still very young trust me when i say this enjoy ur single life and being on ur own for awhile then when the time is rite u will find that great man who will love u for u and will love ur kids too
but just dont settle and dont jump too quick it takes time but really enjoy ur single life whil u can think about it u have noone to answer to noone to bitch at u noone to fuss with u u can come and go as u please but there are bad parts to being single to just take ur time and be patient it will happen when its suppose to ok have a great day :)

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