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how do i know if my bf is cheating on me??

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Re: how do i know if my bf is cheating on me??

Postby mike.d.martinez 3 days, 9 hours ago

wtf? so if I'm not prompt I'm cheating? I divorced my first wife behind this kind of thinking. Not a cheater, no bad how bad you want me to be.

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Re: how do i know if my bf is cheating on me??

Postby JLynnSummer 3 days, 9 hours ago

i think its heard to tell cuz me and my boyfriend live on opposite sides of town and are both vary bissy only getting to see each other once a month or less and i do bereave he’s cheating because on my space and his messengers he has various girls that are half naked that I don’t know and I’m not sheer if he is or not because the little time we actually get with each other i love him with all my heart but there are some doubts but in the end if he is cheating on me with a nether girl then he was never really mine to begin with if it's that easy for a girl to take him form me and i know that’s heard to say when you have a kid on the way but it's true so good luck to you and hope every thing turns out for the better :)

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