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dose he love me or dose he not

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dose he love me or dose he not

Postby babydoll 173 days, 19 hours ago

hey there i am a engaged young lady i have three kids two of witch are from the man i am in guestioning about i love him dearly and we are fighting to get back our kids over a bunch of hog wash my wx husbain started a while ago anyways my former man pop the question to me a bout a year ago after i got my devorced i said yes casue i love him and have never felt this way for anyone not even my ex and yes i now know i am 101 precent sure i want this to work but i was on my face book were we are listed as engaged but he change his pic and the pic he change it to happen to be one that we are both in will he change that all right back me out of the photo all together but still says we are engaged and he sign up on here and we all know what time of sight this is..... :cry:and to include in all of this we have been though thick and thin and together for 3 going on to 4 years now anywho my one question is is he for real or just getting scared should i leave this alone or act on it? confussed and dont know witch way to turn help me !!!!!

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Re: dose he love me or dose he not

Postby FLEX 163 days, 3 hours ago

girl i think you should find soe one who appreciate's you for who you are and some someone who will walk with you in public places :)

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Re: dose he love me or dose he not

Postby Sherrhonda 163 days, 1 hour ago

It could be just for friendship, Get another profile and see if u can catch him doing something stupid. I mean u don;t have to do anything drastic just ask him if he is with someone to see what he says. Do u have the incredible knot in ur stomach saying something isn't right. Or u can just ask him why he is on this site.

The facebook thing, u can't be mad about that is own personal thing, it is not like he changed it the face that he was engaged and he put a pic of the both of u. Just investigate a little before u jump into any major conclusion. But if u do do the whole profile thing and he says he is not in the relationship u have ur answer. Good Luck girl.

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