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do guys fear intelligence ?

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do guys fear intelligence ?

Postby Nicola 41 days, 11 hours ago

hey guys, i've been read'n sum off ur feedback & i can understand de first impression in all but do ye all fear a girl who knows her own mind & is capable of earning a salary higher than a man, is this a big turn off to guys :?::|

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Re: do guys fear intelligence ?

Postby Optiron 41 days, 9 hours ago

The only men that fear intelligence are men to weak to handle it. I prefer intelligence and I do not care if the woman makes more than me, can fix a car better than me or mix complicated chemicals better than me. However the opposite is true. Stupid women repulse me. Dramatic women repulse me. Women that can not think for themselves repulse me. So the answer is yes for some, and no for others. In this case, one size can not fit all.

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Re: do guys fear intelligence ?

Postby James 41 days, 4 hours ago

Agreed. I'm sure anything can be a turnoff to some people, but in this case it's the opposite. A smart girl is awesome. I need someone I can talk to and not laugh or cry on the inside if she says something utterly stupid every five sentences. As for the salary thing, I admit I would RATHER make more than everyone, but if a woman becomes the breadwinner, or buys me dinner.. it's definitely not a bad thing.

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Re: do guys fear intelligence ?

Postby Crosseyed luke 40 days, 15 hours ago

I could not have said it better!! both you guys hit it

Crosseyed luke
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Re: do guys fear intelligence ?

Postby Samson 40 days, 14 hours ago

Hi there,

My POV (Point of view..) is that I dont fear intelligence. If my partner were intelligent, she could have helped me do lots of things. Two heads think better then one too, isnt it? I guess I would be really relieved if my wife (or partner) solved a problem that bugged me one whole day, rather then getting fed up over the incapability of me being unable to solve that problem. In the other hand, intelligent woman might tend to get overly-sensitive. I have no hard evidence to support this, its just a POV of mine.

Secondly, if my partner were not as intelligent, it is my pleasure to be able to teach my partner new things everyday. Being able to solve her problems brings a sense of achievement, and our relationship wouldnt turn sour easily. However, if my partner couldnt do simple things like, perhaps, wash dishes, I would perhaps bang my head on the wall after every dinner if I had loads of things to do, isnt it?

Lastly, I would like to emphasize that the above statements are my POV. Disagreement are accepted, no doubt. If I had mentioned anything offensive, pardon me. I am just trying to voice my opinion out.

Have a nice day ahead!

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Do guys fear intelligence ?

Postby Mike 30 days, 4 hours ago

No I personally do not, "I" embrace it! And yes I agree with all the other above comments. But.. if I were to choose between a University educated woman or a woman that has street smarts and common sense, I would choose the common sense part. Why? because I find common sense in a woman, a big turn on, it is also incredibly rare, for either sex for that matter! Does it bother me that a woman is smarter than me? Hell no?! Finally there will be someone to challenge me intellectually, so by all means "no"! Does it bother me that she makes more money than me? No, personally I really don't care who makes more money in the relationship, bottom line is.. as long as the bills are payed, I couldn't care less. However if she makes more than me, then more power to her, and I will fully support her, no matter what. A lot of men do not have the ability to fear intelligence, because to do so, would be to fear ourselves.. right? Right. I am proud that women can earn more money, participate in politics, ect. However ladies and gentlemen "NEVER" "EVER" "FORGET" that we are equals in society, "no" sex (meaning male/female is better, smarter, superior to the other. We just have different roles that we must do, but together we can create something worth charishing ;).

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Re: do guys fear intelligence ?

Postby Louie 29 days, 11 hours ago

Do you really think you're going to get any guy here to admit being afraid of something like that. Seriously?

What men don't like is a woman who feels like they have something to prove. Its got a lot more to do with that than with you being smart or anything like that. That is a huge turnoff. If you're smart it can only benefit us as a couple regardless how stupid I may be. But if you are all about proving that "you can" .. adios sister.

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Re: do guys fear intelligence ?

Postby Meliesa 24 days, 5 hours ago

I'm going to say that many, many men are turned on by intelligence. When I feel someone being attracted to me, the two things they say are that I'm smart and funny. These two comments come up as often as any physical attributes I have.

A woman who is smart, confident and funny is a total turn on. A man who is the same is a total turn on.

Yet I know the occasional smart person (male or female) who is obnoxious, wants to be smarter than everyone else, and needs to prove his or her intelligence. That's not sexy; it drives people away, both in friendship and in relationships.

The thing about sexuality between smart people is all the witty banter. Clever. Fun. Exciting. When the sexual relationship has a mental component, it's all the more multi-faceted, more fulfilling.

Go Smart People.

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Re: do guys fear intelligence ?

Postby polvette 24 days, 4 hours ago


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Re: do guys fear intelligence ?

Postby Ahmed 23 days, 18 hours ago

i like intelligent woman, i prefer them.
i dont care if they earn more money then me, driver a better car

if we connect, theres no problem.

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