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cute guys

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Re: cute guys

Postby Karmallama 91 days, 3 hours ago

It's Fat Bastar from Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Not sure of the relevance of it on this thread though? :D

Doo ya think ah'm sexy, AHnd you want ma body...

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Re: cute guys

Postby Chris 91 days, 2 hours ago

Prepare to learn the unbelievable!! You ready!? Here it is!!! I can be random at times.....
Amazing isn't it? :olol

And she was asking for cute guys, so that just felt, so right! :lol:

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Re: cute guys

Postby Alan Alpha 68 days, 21 hours ago

i had to say sommit :)

i dont concider meself "cute" or "sexy" (tho some girls have tryed to tell me that) tbh u look cute in ur pics im bettin even better in person tis a shame u live there and not closer :((well if u thought i was cute lol)

but may i say this u can start lookin via "cuteness" but ull always end up looking for personality and interest matches


Alan Alpha
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Re: cute guys

Postby sindo 68 days, 5 hours ago

hiiiiiiiiiii sara wanna have new friend from egypt

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Re: cute guys

Postby shubh 67 days, 22 hours ago

sarah wrote:are there any cute guys out there that wana chat??, take a look at my pics :)x

;);)hi beautiful wats up

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Re: cute guys

Postby Alecs 60 days, 2 hours ago

am i cute ?


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Re: cute guys

Postby Kris 58 days, 14 hours ago

I'm up for chat. I would like some info on Ireland, and can keep a conversation without being a dork.
If you don't mind a couple miss spelled words will get along fine. Course we will probably never meet but


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Re: cute guys

Postby Isabella 56 days ago

Hmmm...I find this interesting

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Re: cute guys

Postby Dino 52 days, 22 hours ago

Hmmm... I find you interesting.

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Re: cute guys

Postby Crafty 46 days, 5 hours ago

Cute guys, YES, there are plenty of those here, but are they right for you? NO, not at all. Cute guys use their beauty to get what they want and when they got it they dump you. The internet can be so misleading like that. It's called internet "dating", but hey really is there any cute guy out there that are not looking for sex, that actually will give it a miss and actually get to know us gals as a person and who we are and what we stand for before that. I say looks are first impressions. The beauty is within.

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