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communication problem

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communication problem

Postby Angel 163 days, 18 hours ago

i need advise about a guy im seeing........we have been seeing each other for a year nw and only had sex around 3 r 4 times. this is because sex with him is horrible. i'll be havin sex with him and all i want to do is kick him off or tell him off. we're having sex n its like hes confused about what to do r something..........he's sexing me n all i can think about is my X. y? i dont nw. i need some advise to gently tell him im not the right girl 4 just really stressed out about the whole thing.

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Re: communication problem

Postby Phil 157 days, 21 hours ago

My God! Tell him to piss off. Why are you with him if you feel that way??

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Re: communication problem

Postby Medna3 156 days, 9 hours ago

if u d'ont feel good better say it nw
else u still hurt

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Re: communication problem

Postby Damion 40 days, 18 hours ago

do what u think is right for both of u

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Re: communication problem

Postby James 40 days, 7 hours ago

So the communication problem is that you're not communicating!?

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Re: communication problem

Postby Dan 12 days, 4 hours ago

accidentally on purpose shout out the name of your ex while having sex with him, he will question you on it, then you can tell him your still in love with your ex or something and your sorry, then it will look like an accident. :lol:

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Re: communication problem

Postby RyanWad3Wing 6 days, 8 hours ago

You need to let him know asap. Because either way he'll probably hate you but you will seem like much less of a bitch by at least being honest and coming clean to him about it.

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Re: communication problem

Postby Jocelynne 3 days, 6 hours ago

Maybe it would be good if you took the lead and showed him what you want and how to do it. Just be honest to him tell him that he needs to step up his skills if he wants to keep you satisfied. (thinking about your ex doesn't help). Just be patient :D

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Re: communication problem

Postby Redcapote 2 days, 16 hours ago

I have to agree with Jocelynne above because there's simply not enough information here to make a proper response. You say the sex is horrible, but what about the rest of the relationship? You've been with him for a year, so he must not be an absolute failure, right? Is he worth keeping and training, communicating with and improving? Or are you just as dissatisfied with the rest of him?

If so, pay no mind to the other suggestions here for calling out your ex's name, or other childish games. You simply would need to be the bigger person, and tell him that you have a real concern with his inabilities to please you sexually. That you don't mean to embarrass him (please think about the guy's long term mental health here, and the kind of scarring you could do if you humiliated him), but that you want to work on this facet of the relationship because it needs a lot of help. Based on his subsequent efforts after this talk, you should do what you see fit. Keep him, or let him know that things have not improved.

But handle it like the pro that you are. (tongue in cheek for those who capture the irony)

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