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can u solve this ?

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Re: can u solve this ?

Postby Sami 12 days, 6 hours ago


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Re: can u solve this ?

Postby Anthony 4 days, 18 hours ago

Well,like the above people posted. If the guy love her so much,he should be able to forgive her. It also depends on what the girl had lied. If it was a small thing,i think it's stupid for the guy to choose not to believe her.
The guy should listen to what the girl have to say about lying and explaination.

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Re: can u solve this ?

Postby Samson 9 hours, 1 minute ago

Hi there,

My POV is that it really depends on what lie did that girl made. The reasons, result of the lie and her sincerity all comes into consideration. I couldnt just make a statement that I would or I wouldnt, but owning up a lie is indeed one way to show your sincere to seek forgiveness. What I couldnt tolerate (And I guess all of us do) is to find out ourselves that our partner lied to us (males I mean) and the girl denied knowledge about that incident.

Anyway, I guess different people of different religion, belief and education would make a different reaction about his partner owning up a lie. Perhaps if you are the girl, try approaching the guy after he had calmed down. Trying to explain when both of you are hot-headed doesnt help - it might get even worst. If you are the guy, try to understand the situation first, before making an action. Regretting after you scolded, or even broke up with, her is the last thing we ever want, isnt it?

Understanding comes into this situation, no doubt.


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