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can an ex really be just a friend?

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Re: can an ex really be just a friend?

Postby Jay Jay 146 days, 17 hours ago

novaharts wrote:I would like to know what the guys out there think. I had a boyfriend who told me his best friend was a girl. That was ok, then he said (after some time) that they used to see each other and they were engaged. Can ex's really be just friends, or is one of them holding on hoping for more one day?

It depends on the relationship you first it will probably be weird but if it works why not....u cant go from really loving some1 to just hateing them

Jay Jay
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Re: can an ex really be just a friend?

Postby Virginia 142 days, 19 hours ago

This is the process I am in he filed for seperation back in Oct, he wants to try it out as friends. Friends with benifits, friend who will cook, clean, take care of other things etc. Where do you draw the line factor. We have twin boys together pluse hes on the road 5 days a week? Maddness I tell you.

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