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Brains or Hormones?

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Brains or Hormones?

Postby Ky 18 days, 1 hour ago

This is sort of a survey, I suppose. I'm trying to figure out how many guys think more immediately with their head...or their nether regions when it comes to girls, relationships, etc. I'm not going to pick a specific scenario, but more as an "In general" thing. So, please be honest, all I'm asking.

So, the tally;


Reproductive organs (awkwaardd...):

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Re: Brains or Hormones?

Postby Shane 3 days, 23 hours ago

Well that really depends 8-)

When I was younger it was definatly the lower regions that ruled the party :oops:

But now that i am older i certainly think more than i used to. am a really busy guy with a business and 3 kids and other things in my life. so now think much more with my head as am not prepared to give up me for anybody. and really have to think about the influences that come into my life and the impact i may have on theirs.

so prob dosnt help u sorry

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Re: Brains or Hormones?

Postby Dan 1 day, 8 hours ago

For me I would say that if any relationship is going to last any length of time it is brains that matters. What I mean is that really what I'm looking for is someone who I can communicate with on many levels, not that they need the highest IQ, just that they need to be good company. But the thing is we still have hormones and sexual drive, at certain times this dominates any kind of other thought mechanism and basically we become insanely randy. At these times women become primarily sex objects and all the rest that they have becomes secondary. What was the question again? I'm stoned!!! :shock:

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