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Bad boy or Nice guy.

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Re: Bad boy or Nice guy.

Postby theman12 225 days, 5 hours ago

bad boy or nice guy this is not a prob the prob is how this persson can make his life so Successful...& so good & make his other half so happy....
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Re: Bad boy or Nice guy.

Postby Adrian 201 days, 9 hours ago

It's not the bad boy's that chick's are so much attracted to, it's rather the qualities of one. That is confidence and being a challenge. You don't have to be an asshole and beat her, you just have to have a spine and be a man.

Nice guys come across as doormats and yes men, agreeing with anything said and are usually clingy, so where's the fun in that?

They also come across as fake because like any other guy they are looking to get laid, but being over friendly about it and when they get put in the friend zone you see the true colours of one. They turn out not to be so nice after all.

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Re: Bad boy or Nice guy.

Postby Bobdion 195 days, 2 hours ago

i am so glad i read this post , now i feel like mr perfect

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Re: Bad boy or Nice guy.

Postby Meg 155 days, 17 hours ago

For me the ultimate turn-on is a guy with the bad boy look (i love tattoos lol) but who has a nice boy attitude/personality. Of course, guys like that aren't exactly easy to find, but case in point it's a good thing to have a litle bit of both. :D

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Re: Bad boy or Nice guy.

Postby alkbar 150 days, 7 hours ago

nice guy finish last

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Re: Bad boy or Nice guy.

Postby Maz 149 days, 20 hours ago

The bad/good mix.
What's seems important to me is balance and having the insight that it takes time to get to know the real person. So, I have to say, maturity/sincerity are of major importance in a dude. Whether a guy or a girl, you will be able to respond with refined strength when you are earnest, day in and day out, and that describes a mature soul.

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Re: Bad boy or Nice guy.

Postby Medna3 143 days, 17 hours ago

an excessiv nice guy give all and want nothing he get nothing
an excessiv bad boy want to have all he finish alone
better looking for one and get it :idea:

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Re: Bad boy or Nice guy.

Postby Allan Dawes 142 days ago

Nice Guy by Day, Bad Boy by Night.
I'm the sorta friendly, careing person during the day - always doing the right things, and generally aiming for good Kamra. But when I'm out with friends in the evening, I can become a bad boy. Still careing, but can get up to all sorts of things. It depends more on who I'm with that influencies my darker side. I genrally like to let others lead so I know I'm not being bad at an inappropriate moment.

Allan Dawes
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