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Are guys really drawn away from Tomboys? I think I am okay..

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Are guys really drawn away from Tomboys? I think I am okay..

Postby Meaghan 5 days, 2 hours ago

Okay, so I am not exactly girlie and I tend to poke fun at all my guy friends and chick friends. I play sports, and I have fun by going out and paintballing, playing football, watching the game NFL/ NHL/ NBA, blah blah all of that in a nut shell. I mean I like to play fight and goof off, but my understanding is, it's so much harder for a girl who is seen as rough around the edges besides the dainty feminine types. I can clean up nice, and I know I am good looking, just why is it, most of the girls like me go unnoticed, and shafted to the friendzone? I know I just made myself sound like a butch, but in all honestly, I'm a whole whopping 5'2 (157 cm) and my weight is like 134 - 138 lbs. I don't ever really talk all that much and I am actually pretty soft spoken, the most body work I have on me is my right eyebrow which is peirced, bellybutton, and lady bug tattoo on my neck. So yeah, I don't have alot of ink, and a lot of peircings that would make a metal detector go off. It's just tooo confusing. Lol, someone care to clue me in?

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Re: Are guys really drawn away from Tomboys? I think I am okay..

Postby Dylan 5 days, 1 hour ago


1st of all, there's nothing wrong w/ tomboys (especially the ones who clean up nice ;)), they just have to take more innitiative than other girls.

the reason they get shunted to the friend category is b/c we get too comfortable with you too soon what with all the shared interests. as a result we create more of a buddy bond before any initial attraction can occur so we come to see you as the person to share our grief with when the girls we do get attracted to reject us. guys (especially in our age group) don't generally notice how hot our close female friends are (especially if we have known you for a long time)... granted we'll probably realize what we have right in front of us by the time we're in our 30s and end up together anyway but that's not useful to us now. so yeah, if you find someone then make sure you tell them you're interested in them before he nudges you in the "practically sister" category.

since you mentioned your tattoo and piercings, i'll say this (and this is just a personal preference/opinion so take what you want out of it). assorted body art/piercings are not all that attractive to people who want something serious (some guys will definately disagree but again this is my personal opinion). we associate those girls as free spirited and out for a good time (aka. fun to be 'around' but not to be 'with'). i've known a few people who had piercings who grew older, realized it was stupid, and removed them b/c they hinder their chances of getting certain jobs. sorry if i sound preachy there but i'm just offering any tips i can to get you a serious relationship (assuming that's what you want).

good luck **waves, turns, and walks into the sunset**

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Re: Are guys really drawn away from Tomboys? I think I am okay..

Postby Colin 5 days, 1 hour ago

Different strokes for different folks...

Some guys like tats and piercings while others don't. Some like tomboys while others don't.

While neither option is going to make men shun you in general, it is going to change who might be interested in you.

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Re: Are guys really drawn away from Tomboys? I think I am okay..

Postby Josh Ursu 4 days, 6 hours ago

pesonally i dont like the dainty women, they seem they try to hard to show off a trait that they dont have. i admire your willing to just do what you like and enjoy those kinds of things. most men are readily attracted to the glam girls but deep in their hearts there is a soft spot for women like you, and truthfully. you have to make the move :)im sure. . . they might not realize what they are going to miss out

Josh Ursu
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