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Age old dilemma, the cursed friend zone

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Age old dilemma, the cursed friend zone

Postby Anne 275 days ago

What sends a woman into the friend zone? What if that's not the title she wants? Think about the women in your life that you think of as friends and the women that you would pursue for a relationship. What's the difference?

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Re: Age old dilemma, the cursed friend zone

Postby Genci 274 days, 21 hours ago

I want a woman to be mine if she has that interests me and believe me this can be in different fields:
1.personality (if she is vivid or not, the ability she has in comunication, very much the sense of humour, and how sensitive she is)
2.Career(if u are an intellectual type u are supposed more to like one that is not intellectual and rather like a hair dresser because otherwise she would inflict in my career and obstacle me in my work. It gets even worse if she is in the same field as mine. The selection of the partner is better to be made outside of the enviroment where u work as it may inflict damages to your career)
3.Richness(Ofcourse here i'd not say that 1>2 BUT 2>1. If i decide to create a family with her so the numbers of the members is gonna increase and get worse in the budget side. So my partner must be able to work and provide earnings to the family, the more the better)

But as i said in the first place is personality and character. But let's not forget that hormonal attraction is true and is a nature law.

As for the age is like this, Women get older faster then the men do, so that''s why a men always prefers girls that are younger like 10 years. A relationship is succesful if everyday with your partner is like the first day, if every kiss is like the first kiss. And trust me to find someone like this is like to find your twin or cupid to strike in your heart. Usually my relations have not lasted more than a year and half, but even when it lasted a year and a half....the last 6 months were like death in our relationship. Coze the girl that i had was boring and i couldn't find a way how to continue with her, simply she wasn't attracting to me as she did in the begining. She was just u poor student looking to get some fun and very easy minded, me i was not at all interested and i wanted career and to be somebody. So for me it always ends up like this tha from love it comes at the simple rule of 2+2, u have career, u have money, u have a better life

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Re: Age old dilemma, the cursed friend zone

Postby † Ivan † 273 days, 1 hour ago

The difference about someone whose I'd like to be with and someone I'd prefer to have as a friend...

Well...I am looking for "that someone", and I really believe she's somewhere out there waiting for me. Since the beggining I have had this idea of my ideal girl (like...the female version of the blue-prince) and this is what puts one apart the other.

The girl of my dreams would be:

Lovely (A LOT)
Kid's lover
Nature's lover
Someone who wants to get married (someday)
Someone who trust on me
Someone whose I can trust in
Without vices
With Manners

If we share interests in common it would be really nice, but it's not so important as the things I wrote before

* my ex-girlfriend wasn't, and that's why we ended finishing our relationship 8 months after, we had no future as a couple because we could never get married (we're still good friends)

So, when I am meeting a girl and I realize that she smokes, drinks, have tatoos or piercings, if she's rude, or if she's not catholic...I prefer to be her friend.

+ I don't discriminate people...My best girl friend in the world isn't catholic (most of my friends neither) and drinks

Well, that's what I am looking for...I'm not asking for anything I can't give

† Ivan †
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Re: Age old dilemma, the cursed friend zone

Postby Richard 271 days, 4 hours ago

hey ann i saw you left a fairly good reply on one of my questions so ill attemt to explain your question i cant promise thats it is correct but ill try... all my female friends i care very much for and personal i try not get into a relationship witht them in the fear that if we ever broke up for one reason or another our friendship would become sour. the reason i fell this is because i know far tomany friends to have began datign with a friend of these then found that when the broke up they no longer spoker to each other (now im not saying thats happened to all my friends but it happened to most of them). so i guess the real awnser would be to either show more affection rather than friendship or i guess show you like the person before you become friends i guess although that could just lead to you going out with a jerk i guess i hope thishelped you

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Re: Age old dilemma, the cursed friend zone

Postby Chris 270 days, 12 hours ago

im not really one to talk here but, a relationship with someone is like a fork in a river, to friendship or relationship, once you've started down one path, its bludy hard work paddling back up to go down the other way, not impossible but could damage what you have with the person already,

also their history, i know its harsh and everyone has one, but if you know the person has been about a bit, maybe with some of you friends, you wont think of them as datable, i suppose that goes back to how well you know the person. inevitably someone's got to take a chance, it'll either work or it wont.

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Re: Age old dilemma, the cursed friend zone

Postby Sean 266 days, 22 hours ago

I think becoming a member of the friend zone can be for numerous reasons. One can be that the other person isn't attracted to you so they never move any further. The other reason is the exact opposite and that is you have become such good friends that a relationship aint worth risking it for because if it don't work out, you have then lost a real close friend.

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Re: Age old dilemma, the cursed friend zone

Postby devilder 262 days, 23 hours ago

if one person has somthing to gain, but is not attracted to the other person physically or emotionally you are so in the freind zone

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Re: Age old dilemma, the cursed friend zone

Postby shay 260 days, 6 hours ago

When I determine whether or not I'm interested in making a guy more than a friend, I go by one simple thing -- that unexplanable connection between us. If it's there, then I can take things to the next step. If it's not there, he is automatically going to be in the friend zone. It's a feeling inside your heart, your head, and your soul that you just know whether or not he is right for you. But yeah, that's my "friend zone" explaination 8-)

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Re: Age old dilemma, the cursed friend zone

Postby Mack 258 days, 3 hours ago

Hi there,

I don't think I agree with any of the above. I think in the long run, I believe with all my heart that a relationship that arises from the foundation of friendship are the ones that will last you. I think that when you know the person you want to be with inside and out you attain a level of respect and love that surpasses any and all barriers that might be in place had you met and started out early as a couple.

Although I understand that for some men, the "friend zone" as it is being called might be troublesome. My advice for men would be to indulge in that woman's wish to be friends. Even if it breaks your heart, you should for think of it like this. When that woman is dating and seeing the wrong in every man she meets she will continually call upon you as her friend. Then after she has been hurt and harmed (assuming she doesn't meet someone who really is for her) then she will see you for who you are; a companion, a friend, and someone she can love and depend on you.

For the women however...a little difficult as a lot of us (men) tend to lean more towards just "getting to it" than an actual friendship. I wish most men weren't like that but such is life and we all try to deal with it the best we can. In my opinion I would think it would be best to find out if they can even be friends...for why would you be in a relationship with a man you cannot even talk too?

That's what I think.


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Re: Age old dilemma, the cursed friend zone

Postby shay 255 days, 3 hours ago

Dude, simplified: There are 2 people in a couple - when 1 decides they don't see the other as more than a friend BAM! there's the friend zone.

You can't help it, everyone is not for everyone. Better friends than nothing, no? :roll:

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