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Why do nice Guys finish last?

Moderator: Anne

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Re: Why do nice Guys finish last?

Postby David 16 days, 18 hours ago

sorry i said i was smart but i guess everyone is going to comment on my spelling lol!

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Re: Why do nice Guys finish last?

Postby Dan 16 days, 11 hours ago

Being a gentleman is one thing, but being overly nice can be sickly. I feel the same about women, I don't want her to be so nice that I have no idea what her opinion is about anything because she is so busy agreeing. Or someone that still plays with their favorite teddy bear. Manners is good, over-niceness can be creepy in my opinion.

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Re: Why do nice Guys finish last?

Postby Mikki 16 days, 7 hours ago

I find it so amazing that men can't get over this complex. As often as you feel like you get screwed over, there is a "nice girl" out there who is feeling the same way.

It is my experience that a lot of self-proclaimed "nice guys" are really, well, not. They have a calculated list of what they want in a woman and any trait or flaw that is inconsistent with said list leads to immediate dismissal or placement in the friend zone. They have plenty of female "friends" who are probably in love with them. And, these female friends come to them with their problems, and the "nice guys" tell them how wonderful they are, how beautiful, etc. If she is all of these complimentery things, then why is the nice guy finishing last? Because he is really holding out for some "angel" that he has built up in his imagination.

I'm not ranting or going on a tangent. I'm stating from experience and observation that often "nice guys" don't have to finish last. They choose to finish last by ignoring the "nice girls" who don't measure up to their standards.

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