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Why Do all the girls I go out with Cheat on me

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Re: Why Do all the girls I go out with Cheat on me

Postby NunsRHot 60 days, 9 hours ago

I think you should not get too serious in the relationship, again become a bit of a challenge and give her time to miss you. These days people want space they dont want to feel that they are pushed. Another thing is do not show neediness and have fun not expecting too much out of the encounter.

Unfortunetelly, women act just like guys but there is one thing that works against them their body clock- so all these cheaters eventually end up alone and sad.

I think you should evaluate yourself and look back at any pattern of repeated behaviour that drove your previous girlfriends to cheat and then change it.

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Re: Why Do all the girls I go out with Cheat on me

Postby Averel 57 days, 4 hours ago

Michael Heffelfinger wrote:I always Have the worse luck . all my girlfriends cheat on Me I hate it. I always know when their lying I study their body Language .

If all my girlfriens were cheating on me i would definitely know that the problem was with me and i would definitely consult a psychologist. But the problem is not there, it's eslwhere. You say you study their body language. Oups! Any expert on body language (i'm not one those, just really really good at it) would know that body language maybe is an 100% straightforward language BUT IT ALWAYS DEPENDS ON WHAT THE ONE WHO'S BODY LANGUAGE IS BEING STUDIED THINKS ABOUT. In other words maybe the other person is embarassed when asked such a question and their body language is "saying", i don't like this question, it's to aggressive so i'm hiding in my personal world from you.
But there's another thing here. You asked all your girlfriends if they're cheating on you. How come? Don't you trust them? Seems like you don't for some unknown reason. Or maybe you're jealous / posessive? These are questions that you have to answer for yourself or seek help @ a psychologist to helpyourself in the course.
So what actually happens here is that you ask them this question, they "hide" from you (either because you're right or not) and then you perform a terrible mistake, projecting your thought on them (thinking that if i'm right it's natural for them to lie or hide away. It seams logical and reasonable to you so you project these thoughts on them. Projection is wrong because what is reasonable and logical to you is not also for others.
These amongst other stuff will be shown to you at a psychologist.
FYI. A cheater is "caught" by other means, faster, simpler, easier. They "give away" signs.
(e.g. they get distant more and more for no obvious reason their body language while making love gives them away at once).
Stuff for thinking... :)

Just to know, when

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Re: Why Do all the girls I go out with Cheat on me

Postby Francesco 55 days ago

you are too poor and friendly with them. you have too be more bastard and so they will have more respect for u.

see ya


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Re: Why Do all the girls I go out with Cheat on me

Postby Laura 54 days, 23 hours ago

I suppose there is such a thing as to nice, but don't become a bastard. We will leave you then too.

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Re: Why Do all the girls I go out with Cheat on me

Postby Braulio Alberto 54 days, 21 hours ago

“La calma absoluta no es la ley del océano, lo mismo ocurre en el océano de la vida.”
“El mundo está en las manos de aquellos que tienen el coraje de soñar… …Y corren el riesgo de vivir sus sueños.”
“Esperar duele. Olvidar duele. Pero el peor de los sufrimientos es no saber qué decisión tomar.”
“Cuando menos lo esperamos, la vida nos coloca delante de un desafío, y pone a prueba nuestro coraje y nuestra voluntad de cambio.”
“Coraje. Comenzando la jornada con esta palabra, y siguiendo con la fe en Dios, llegarás hasta donde necesitas.”
“La posibilidad de realizar un sueño, es lo que hace que la vida sea interesante.”
“El sabio es sabio porque ama. El loco es loco porque piensa que puede entender el amor.”
“Cuando alguien desea algo, debe saber que corre riesgos, y por eso la vida vale la pena.”
“Afronta tu camino con coraje, no tengas miedo de las críticas, y no te dejes paralizar por tus propias críticas.”
“Las personas cambian, cuando se dan cuenta, del potencial que tienen para cambiar las cosas.”
“El tiempo del miedo se acabó, ahora comienza el tiempo de la esperanza.”
“Valentía, no es la ausencia de miedo, sino la capacidad de seguir adelante a pesar del miedo.”
“Lo que ahoga a alguien no es caerse al río, sino mantenerse sumergido en él.”
“Dios es el mismo, aunque tenga mil nombres; pero tienes que escoger uno para llamarlo.”
“Nadie logra mentir, nadie logra ocultar nada, cuando mira directo a los ojos.”
“Sabio es aquel hombre que consigue cambiar de dirección, cuando se ve forzado a ello.”
“La fe es una conquista difícil, que exige combates diarios para mantenerla.”
“Sólo una cosa vuelve un sueño imposible: “¡El miedo a fracasar!” Paulo Coelho

Braulio Alberto
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Re: Why Do all the girls I go out with Cheat on me

Postby Crista 41 days, 21 hours ago

Karmallama wrote:Don't John Deere make tractors and agricultural vehicles? Why would you want a letter from them?

On a more serious note, it sounds like you need to be more assertive in your relationships. The women you've been with seem to know that you won't be out there playing the field and have gotten too comfy with the relationship, then gone looking for excitement. Keep 'em guessing and keep it exciting and they won't need to look elsewhere.

All that said, I'm single, so can you trust MY advice either? :D

This is sooooo True! Women need to feel wanted, and part of that (even tho some women like to deny it) is the need to feel sexually desired. This is the biggest turn on for women, tho it may b subconscious. If ur not sending her vibes that trigger this excitement, the women will find it somewhere else. NOT necessarily to have sex, but to feel sexy. Lol its crazy, an may make no sense, but its true.

U seem like a great guy :)just work on ur vibes. If ur interested in a woman SHOW HER! and dont let her forget it ;)

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Re: Why Do all the girls I go out with Cheat on me

Postby Crista 41 days, 21 hours ago

An yes trust is something that is very important, and aslo a hard thing to do if uv been cheated on.
I was cheated on several times by the same person, and was too trusting to see it at all. Now I realize I should have seen it, but relationships r about learning an I sure learned a lot about what I didnt want.

I think that hardest part about trusting some1 new is that u have this fear of being cheated on again which can push ppl away. When u find a new girl dont b suspicious of her w/o good reason or she might just go out an cheat on u to spite u for being nosy for no reason.

Lol things r soo complicated.

I personally think I was cheated on bcuz my ex was uncomfortable w his lack of sexual experience compared to mine, and also low self esteem.

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Re: Why Do all the girls I go out with Cheat on me

Postby The real J. King 40 days, 18 hours ago

For the same reason i always find out the girls i date are already in relationships. Some of us have a"gift" to otheres its a curse.

The real J. King
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Re: Why Do all the girls I go out with Cheat on me

Postby jonnibeau 38 days, 22 hours ago

Try not to become jaded. There's a girl out there for you, maybe you're looking to hard. In my experience the best relationships stem from a good friendship. Try to get to know the girl first and try to be friends, but then again that could create an uncomfortable situation for you as well. Maybe you should look for an older girl, one that's actually ready to settle down. Younger girls (most of the time) are still chasing a party and aren't ready to be tied down at home. Be selective and DON'T become bitter!! She's out there. I hope this has been some kind of helpful...

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Re: Why Do all the girls I go out with Cheat on me

Postby JeepHottie 31 days, 22 hours ago

ok first of all :-) your only 19 :roll: you are just beginning to even know what love is about... girls your age still need to grow up, and experience life as well as you. stop dwelling in your sorrow and move on.... so dont love for a while... go play the field.. have some fun. find a hobby you like to do... live life before you start to worry about LOVE!!!

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