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Why Cant Gamers find someone?

Moderator: Anne

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Re: Why Cant Gamers find someone?

Postby Krassnost 1 day, 7 hours ago

I'm a subtle gamer also. I'm not like "ZOMG NEW HALO ARMERRRRRZ" all the time, but if they are into it, I'm up for some mild chatting about all of it.

My dream is to find my gaming metal-queen!

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Re: Why Cant Gamers find someone?

Postby Mattie 18 hours, 16 minutes ago

There are girls out there that game. I'm gamer too, though a light one. Would be a bit hypocritical of me to not date a gamer. the only thing that matters is how much. My ex was obsessed to the point where me and the kids didn't matter. After work, he would go sit down and there he would be for the next 7 hours - from 6 or so until 3 or so am Mon to Fri. Weekends were all day long, literally from 10 or so am until 2 or 3 or so am. He wouldn't even notice when our youngest came out after bedtime crying when she was little. I would have to bring him his dinner at his desk. There has to be balance. The gamer has to understand there are things more important in life. If the gamer misses that guild hunt/event then so be it. The game is arranged around your life, not the other way around. If he has that balance than I'll date him. If he doesn't, he won't last long with me.

I never game when my kids are awake and other responsibilities come first. That means that IF I log in, I don't until around 10 or 11 pm for an hour or so. I don't log in every night, maybe 2 or 3 times a week. If they take offense to that, oh well.

My oldest daughter, who's a gamer too at 14, had a boyfriend who was a gamer. He was obsessed like her dad was. It was the only thing he would ever talk about. Great kid but geez - now he is the ex-boyfriend.

It's all about balance and having the priorities right. If I fell for a man who wasn't a gamer and we moved in together, leaving them behind would not be a big deal to me. Anyone important from that can be kept in touch with in other ways. I enjoy them but I don't live for them.

Some women just think about the stereotype instead of getting to know that person first. Instead of walking away they should be asking "How often to you play?" or "why do you play?". It's a shame because a lot of gamers are really smart, good people.

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