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When is it cool to talk about sex?

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Re: When is it cool to talk about sex?

Postby Elma 3 days, 5 hours ago

Colin wrote:Ok, you 'meet' someone across the country, and you're hitting it off pretty well online. You chat about all kinds of stuff... things are going good.
You see girls complaining all of the time about guys just wanting to talk about sex, and you want to avoid giving that impression.


Talking about sex is something that guys definitely like to do, and if you're exploring the possibility of a relationship then it's a topic you really might want to talk about.

So my question is, when is the right time to bring that up? And how would a guy go about doing that without sounding like a player?

I can only speak for myself.
I don´t like it when men start off by talking about sex.
I want to get to know the other person some before, i would prefer to meet that person before but sometimes thats not an option.
Just start off slowly...not jump into the deep end of the pool right away, like ask a question or two and let that be enough until next time or something like that.
Don´t come off to strong, take the middle way....not bringing up sex might tell her you aren´t interested in that way.

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