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whats gone wrong???? give me ans

Moderator: Anne

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whats gone wrong???? give me ans

Postby Matthew 32 days, 7 hours ago

a up people me an my my wife to be wa happy till about a month ago when she didnt wnt sex or any phisical contact at al apart from the od kiss an hug what do u think was up know we av broke up a wnt her bk but how do i go about doin it?????? confused

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Re: whats gone wrong???? give me ans

Postby Blonde 10 days, 7 hours ago

It depends what your relationship was like (row wise). May be she was having an affair or was attracted to someone else, that is normally why women go off intimacy with their partner.
I cant tell you how to get her back as i dont know the full reason why you split, but i would say talk to her honestly and open thats a start.

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