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One night stands, girls tell us the truth!

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Re: One night stands, girls tell us the truth!

Postby Jason 4 days, 20 hours ago

princess wrote:I have had a couple one night stands. I never considered a one night stand as a potential boyfriend. first when two people hook up after only shortly knowing one another. Both parties involved the man and women at one point think if this person hooked up with me without knowing me. Who else or how many others has there been. I have some male friends and i ask them arent you concerened if a girl is willing to sleep with you after knowing you for ten min. to my suprise most said no. They were just thinking about getting laid. but as for my honest opinion . I dont think a relationship would work out after a one night stand. I think at some point someone would judge morality respect for self and potential for cheating. i find it funny though. myself and the majority of my friends who aare girls wouldnt have a one night stand with someone they liked and saw some potential in. They would just want to be asked out on a date. but, most men are confused by this. They feel if a girl likes them they will jump right into the sack. however, if she likes him she wouldnt want him to think she is lose. i know one night stands are called one night stands for a reason. i know the few i had years ago. i never wanted to talk to them again. girls guys post a reply let me know what you think

I can see your point, I can see how some guys may be instantly attracted to someone, see potential, and yes, get in their pants right away(maybe thats why men are referred to as dogs). I have struggled w this myself. And the girls who by the most part were interested in me, made me wait(which sucked but was worth it). Another point, for me, If I slept w a girl right away, the next time I would probably expect the same thing to happen if the situation was right(which could lead into some problems). So how come you never wanted to talk to that guy again, were you embarrased?

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Re: One night stands, girls tell us the truth!

Postby Marc 4 days, 11 hours ago

The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others.
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