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Postby Nigel 23 days, 6 hours ago

could someone please tell me am i undateable do i really look that bad

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Re: me

Postby Elma 22 days, 16 hours ago

No you are not undateable
there is nothring wrong with your look.
People who go by looks are shallow.

I know how it is to feel that way, been there myself.
It doesn´t help when not getting any responses so we start thinking what could be the reason and we always end up with the same answer, it must be my look because everybody are so hung up on looks.

I ain´t getting any responses so i thought i must be so ugly or something and judge myself harshly
Then i started to talk to one guy that showed interest in getting to know me as friends.
He would tell me i was amazing, special and so on.
It made me feel good about myself but still it made me confused and i was constantly asking myself why is he saying all that when not a single man out there so much as showes any interest to know anything about me?
We shouldn´t let others have so much effects on us.
It´s better to be single than spend precious time on someone that isn´t even interested in us

Just be glad you are not wasting time on someone not worth spending it on.
Your time will come.

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