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Is there no compassion anymore r was there never any?

Moderator: Anne

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Is there no compassion anymore r was there never any?

Postby James 14 days, 3 hours ago

I had such a full life before this accident with travelling the world for 3 years and then I was about to better myself by going back to study Architecture in Oxford r Cambridge (as u had to be 23 to qualify as a mature student in Ireland but over in the Uk u only needed to be 21 and I was just gone 21)and with 1 week to go before I started I crashed my car into a wall of a driveway. I banged my head off the windscreen and knocked my self unconcious, I was found 3 hours latter and rushed to Wexford General Hospital and then brought to Beaumont where I spent 11 weeks on a ventillator and then when I started to breath unassisted I was brought back to Wexford were I spent 8 months in a coma. My bro spent all new years day with me and saw the way I reacted when he had got a phone call so he had an idea he got me 2 point out my home number and called my mum. She knew where he was and he said I've some 1 here to talk to u. She could here my breathing and she broke down they knew my brain wasn't in mush which gave them heart and eventually I started to talk and I got a place in the National Rehab Dunlaoigre where I made vast improvements because of my determination and want to walk. I was wheel in there in a wheelchair and walked out the front doors with a walking stick. I have been trying to relearn to walk 4 the last number of years but due to my inguries I am not walking totally normal (wat ever normal is) r like the next guy that never had an accident but my mind is sharp probabbly sharper than thoes guys that never had an accident and walk normal. Dr. Delargy the main brain injury consultant in Ireland told my mum I would never walk again, a consultant in Wexford told her I would never talk again.
I was in the Left Bank here in Kilkenny and 1 girl said to me why are you talking funny probabbly her way of saying fuck off u dickhead I don't know I'm just trying to make friends. My head is perfect it's just my body is a bit slow and I'm always concious of this fact but I am trying to improve just 4 fuck sack girls give me a chance please...

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Re: Is there no compassion anymore r was there never any?

Postby Shane 14 days, 2 hours ago

hey welcome to the forums :D:D

sorry to hear about all of that it must suck :(:(

but you may just have come to thr right place write in the uk forums let your personality come out the people around here are real friendly.

good luck in your search :D


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Re: Is there no compassion anymore r was there never any?

Postby Elma 14 days, 2 hours ago

Hi James
I´m so sorry to hear about your accident.
Infortunetly people can be way to judgemental.
Give it some time there is always someone out there that doesn´t judge.
You will find friends and someone special to share your life with when the time is right ;)
Until then have as much fun as you can :)

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Re: Is there no compassion anymore r was there never any?

Postby Annette 14 days, 1 hour ago

Hey James, just readin what u wrote & I totally agree, people in this country r fucked up. Unless ur what they consider "NORMAL", they don't wanna know. I think it makes them uncomfortable cos they don't know what it's like 2 have real problems. My story is very minor compared 2 urs but 2 me it's major cos it's my life. My boyfriend, I mean ex-boyfriend, split my head open with a plate just over a year ago. Luckily the extent of my external injuries is just a 4cm scar which my hair covers, but it's the internal scars that don't heal as easily. I still notice people don't wanna mention it cos they don't have a clue what 2 say. I really don't think it's a lack of compassion, it's more a lack of common sense. Some people live in bubbles where everything is perfect & when faced with the real world they turn in2 fuckin fools. U've come a long way in the last few years & proven the doctors wrong, don't let a few gobshites get u down. U'll know when the right girl comes along cos she won't even notice there's anything different about u. 2 her u'll be perfect.

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