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I'm new here.

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I'm new here.

Postby Chris on Thu Mar 19, 2009 3:54 pm

Well I found this website when I was messing around on facebook. I pretty much joined for the hell of it. Do these website things actually work? I mean I feel kinda bad having to turn to a website to find a girl that isn't so...... what's the word..... self-centered? But I thought I'd give it a shot.

So, random question; Is my profile pic good? I'm practically hiding my entire face. But I thought the idea of wearing a doo-rag was rather interesting. I didn't think about how the picture would of turned out. But is it good for the time being? I'm planning on taking better pics with my entire face, but this pic will have to do.

Sorry for making a thread. Just felt like talking. I think four cups of coffee and a decent amount of coke will keep me up the entire night.

Let me know if I'm doing anything I shouldn't be doing. Thanks in advance!

P.S This thread is mainly about my avatar. lol
EDIT: Also! It might help if you click on my picture to see it in a larger version, I think.

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