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if you finished with me and i ????

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if you finished with me and i ????

Postby Benjamin John 23 days, 6 hours ago

sent you a poem saying you are not the epitome of my life any more and that you should listen to a track i put on a cd ...... that track being cold shoulder ..... but the poem actually states how much good times we had etc a little like this

one that walks amoung the waves of glory surely is gorlified by life that exsists with you and with one that walks amoung the waves that pity yourself only you can gain benefit from ..... he would be your next of course and then the pity i shall bring to you only torments my mind as you lustruously steak out your next victim of unloyal procedures which walked like you did next to me the day you said your last words .............................

something like that ..... anyway what would you say or do ..................... ????????????????

it would have more heart my dear if it was actual which it was once so i know what one girl would do but what about the rest of thi

Benjamin John
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