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huge girl trouble..

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huge girl trouble..

Postby Devan 4 days ago

o so heres the story... met a girl (Livia) freshman year of high school and were on and off together til junior year. she was my first (yea i mean sex) and only. we broke up for the summer after that.. she kinda went off and got attached to someone else.. but that didnt happen so school started and we thought about trying again.. but it didnt happen so i met another girl(Amanda) that was alittle more laid back then livia. livia got back at me by flirting and talk to a bunch of guys and doing whatever she wanted and ignoring me. Now college is coming and for about a month me and livia were trying to stitch the relationship back up but i didnt think we were ready cuz there was NO trust.. so i told her it'd be best if we didnt talk as much anymore for awhile until we grow up some. i did make a mistake and put up a picture of amanda and me on my f4cebook profile, and now shes PISSED and telling me she never wants me to talk to her ever again and how we will NEVER have a relationship. the truth is, i really care about her and i couldnt see myself having feelings for another girl.. like amanda is nice and everything is always easy, its just not the same.

wat do i do!! she leaves saturday.

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Re: huge girl trouble..

Postby good4u 3 days, 21 hours ago

OMG! Do I remember those HS days and my first b/f...all the drama! Yoweee!!!!!

Honestly, both are in your teen much growing to do in every way. Even tho' you have strong feelings for ur first love (as I did) it doesn't mean that it real, committed love to that other person. It is best not to look back, but look forward to college or whatever other plans you may have in the works for ur life. People change immensely in their teen years and sometimes relationships you had in HS no longer carry the same weight they once did. This was true for me, it could be true for you too eventually. Let her go and live her own life and you yours. Believe me, people and feelings will not be the same 35 yrs. from now.

Best wishes.

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Re: huge girl trouble..

Postby Jill_Duh 3 days, 16 hours ago

well the truth is.. u cant regret putting that picture up bc its what you wanted to do at the time, you cant put your life on hold bc of this girl that ur in love with, trust is everything in a relationship id there is no trust then u will not have a relationship you guys are probably going to different colleges and if thats the case with no trust you wont last and u will both meet new ### boyfriend and i of 2 1/2 years recently broke up in june bc we had NO trust in our ### ex and i were on and off for those 2 1/2 years and we tried to be with other people and it never worked out we finally ended it completely and stoped talking to each other for a few months now we are good friends and nothing else bc since the trust wasnt there. neither was nothing else... i love him to death but we are better friends then lovers because we dont have to worrie about the trust issues and everything we now tell each other everything and get dateing advice from each other.. try takeing a different aproach to her and just be friends.. friends is better then nothing at all and in the long run a realationship could come out of it after the trust is there in the friend ship. everything happeneds for a reason and the only bad mistakes made are the ones you dont learn from....
sorry if i didnt help much
good luck

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Re: huge girl trouble..

Postby Meg268 3 days, 12 hours ago

It's gonna hurt, you're going to want to call her, you don't want her to hate you. If you really feel like you absolutely have to explain yourself, wait til she leaves to send it but write her a heartfelt e-mail about how you feel. Don't send it. Reread it the next day (after you sleep on it). If you edit it, don't send it, wait another day, until you feel it really explains how you feel (run it by someone if you have to). If you do this it will make you consider everything, and it won't be rash or half fast. If you get an answer great, and if not, move forward knowing that you did all you could. I hate to say it but the other two are right, a first love is one of the most important ones but you move on. I am still very close with my very first boyfriend. I still love him, but not in a romantic way. I would do anything if he ever needed me and he knows that (except sleep with him lol). You need time and space away from her to separate yourself from the relationship and so you can move forward and reconnect with livia down the road if you so desire. I would also suggest that you break things of with Amanda - you know she's not right for you so why string her along? Maybe she won't end up with a broken heart, but maybe you'll miss the girl you really want cuz your with someone who is just second best.

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