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How do women liked to be approached

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Re: How do women liked to be approached

Postby Richard 5 days, 8 hours ago

RyanWad3Wing wrote:
Jamie wrote:Its a bit of a puzzle to me, im never sure what to look for if a girl is into you?or is it basically giving it a try and hope for the best?

My problem seems to be I lack the courage to go talk to women I don't know. I feel that they won't like me based on how i look.

Women will overlook that u dont look like Brad Pitt if u have a fun interesting personality. Really theyre not hung up on looks, they go for how a man makes them feel, theyre emotional creatures, so make them feel good emotions and ur in!

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Re: How do women liked to be approached

Postby TessaM 3 days ago

If I was just hanging around somewhere and a guy comes up to me and gives me a compliment or further. IT WOULD MAKE MY DAY. Girls are most likely too afraid to make a move, so they LOVE it when guys come up to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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