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Re: Anal

Postby Liz 19 days, 20 hours ago

lol, well i was debating whether or not i sould answer this one but oh well let me do it. my personal opinion is that it's the best. it's oviously going to hurt a little on the first moves you you're making when you start but afterwards you just feel like you're in heaven haha. well there you go. yeah some girls could love it. and no it doesnt hurt all the time just a little at the beginning wen you're putting it in. sometimes it's not for every girl, not every girl is the same.

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Re: Anal

Postby Christie 16 days, 13 hours ago

if you do it right i love it!!!!! but i also have to be with you for a long time to give you access to go there!!!!!! lol

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Re: Anal

Postby Sami 15 days, 9 hours ago

stupid question...

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Re: Anal

Postby Jordan 14 days ago

In my book Anal is something only porn stars attempt. EXIT ONLY in real life sexual incounters!

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Re: Anal

Postby Nathan 13 days, 19 hours ago

Very Slowly. let me say it again VERY slowly . at least at the start.

you have 2 muscles to go through the first one being more or less completly controled by you. then 4 inches in a second muscle that you do NOT control. that is where must guys mess up and hurt their girl and ruin the experience for them and probly turn them off of it for quite some time if ever again.

The absolute musts are extreme ammounts of lubricant (if it grosses you out ladys try spray lube and for the most obvious uncleanly reason of anal sex you can get an anal self cleanser (enima) at any drug store for like 10 -15 bucks. No more mess :D

Always go in very slow and STOP about 3-4 inches in when you feel the second muscle until it relaxs
If the girl is new to it it will take longer to get going and for quite a few times.

For sanitary reasons even with an at home enima Id still suggest using a condom BUT be aware that the othe main reason it hurts women is not moving to fast but under lubrication.

If your using an at home enima water based lubes are going to dissapate quickly and give a burning sensation.

solution :silicon based lube is perfectly safe but it can wreck the condom.

Really the biggest thing Ive ever heard complained from women is either the uncleanliness or the pain.

But just about every single woman that (has) any interest in it whatsoever finds it incredibly enjoyable if its done right.

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Re: Anal

Postby Maureen 10 days, 15 hours ago

Depends on if the guy is doing it right!....if not, it can be rather painfull...dont go there unless you know for a fact she's into it....

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Re: Anal

Postby OscarJ 10 days, 13 hours ago

I think that it's very very very exitant....The anal walls do more pressure on the penis!!!

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Re: Anal

Postby Lee 9 days ago

thomas mec ;héhéhé tu craind jte jure :D

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Re: Anal

Postby Marcel 8 days, 13 hours ago

had ex who swore, she could only cum this way!

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