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All cards on the table

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All cards on the table

Postby portglasgowmale 6 days, 11 hours ago

Ok so youve done the hard bit and managed to get the first date.

Do you use this as an opportunity to get all the skeletons out the closet or do you wait and slowly open up to her over time, hoping that one of the things you eventually tell her wont be the trip switch to cause her to sprint for the door.

I know id much rather know my enemy so to speak from day one, that way if theres anything thats spooked them in the past at least you know to tread carefully in that region.

P.S. not talking about bad things here folks, nothing too bad, just simple things seem to spook some people cause it was the first thing their ex did to them before turning into a total idiot.

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Re: All cards on the table

Postby firecracker1877 6 days, 10 hours ago

As long as there is a volley to a conversation then whatever comes out comes out. I don't like someone to spill all their baggage. It makes you think, "What else"? As long as you are both flowing with the conversation than all is good.

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Re: All cards on the table

Postby good4u 2 days ago

R u asking for urself in reality or is this a theory question?

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Re: All cards on the table

Postby Mumof1 1 day, 20 hours ago

To be honest, does the other person really have to know everything about you??? If it's not relevant to the relationship and old baggage, sometimes it's beta left where it belongs- in the past! As long as you've learned from it, don't worry about it! And generally speaking, no! Just go with the flow, enjoy each other's company and reality will come crashing down soon enough ;)Good luck!

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Re: All cards on the table

Postby Richard 1 day, 11 hours ago

Bad idea to give someone your whole life story on the 1st date. Should leave some mystery, a bit of mystery is attractive. Keep things light hearted and fun on a first date.

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Re: All cards on the table

Postby Tim 17 hours, 29 minutes ago

Just enjoy the moment with that person, when you finally find that someone nice it will just flow on its own. Don’t need to tell them everything. Plenty of time to do that, it’s called a relationship. That’s when it should just feel right to tell all. That’s what gives it the strength to last a life time. If you do rush your self or her/him you may be pushing them to hard and fast and they may spoke a little? Well they want to full in love to you know. So give your self’s time to mesh as a couple..
Well that my 2 cents worth.. Like what Mumof1 said “baggage is some times best left in the past”
Best of luck to you, hope you find what your looking 4…..

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