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The NEW FreeHookup Community Forums

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The NEW FreeHookup Community Forums

Postby Juliette from FreeHookup 1 year, 11 months ago

As you might have noticed, the FreeHookup Community page has had a makeover. In plastic surgery terms, we've "had some work done".

We've made a step in a new direction, and we hope that you bear with us as the Community page evolves and moves forward for the better. We've changed the FreeHookup Community page for many reasons. But mainly, in a nutshell, we wanted these forums to be more useful.

These forums should be a resource for online daters. The Community page should be full of relevant online dating information like technical FAQs and love advice. We still have forums for fun stuff like success stories, and we even have a forum called "Random Topics". But the purpose of the Community page is not to act as a typical messageboard. We want our Community Forum to be a place you can go for information.

To keep our boards useful, informational, and relevant, we had to cut some of the other stuff out. Think of this as an athlete getting ready for the upcoming season. We had to lose weight to perform better.

The new FreeHookup Community Forums are:
-More specific. We allow comments on our threads, but users will not be able to create new threads. We're doing this to keep the boards as streamlined as possible. The more threads there are, the more difficult it is for users to find the information they are looking for, or get the help they need.
-More thoughtful. We will approve each comment before it goes live. We've noticed that approving comments reduces the amount of abuse, irrelevant discussion, and trivial name-calling that can really detract from the essence of a community.
-More diverse. On a large messageboard, we've noticed that certain users have a tendency to dominate the discussion. This can lead new members of the community to feel overwhelmed or intimidated to comment. By approving posts, we are trying to show that every post counts, and that we want the board to be balanced between many different voices, rather than a few vocal voices that hush others out.
-More convenient. When there are thousands of threads on a messageboard, often things get repeated. Not once, not twice, but many, many times. The same questions are answered over and over again, and this just succeeds in increasing the amount of noise that obstructs the useful data. By controlling the messageboard, we want to ensure that nothing gets repeated. We want to make it easier for you, the Community, to find the information you need.
-More polite. While our former Community page was definitely vibrant, we noticed an increasing frequency of arguments and name-calling that, quite frankly, detracted from the entire spirit of having a messageboard in the first place. We want to make the messageboard welcome for everyone, so we are moderating posts to keep negative forces at bay and to maintain a positive, welcoming environment for all.

How will this work?
-Community members are able to comment on threads. However, the ability to create new threads is reserved for moderators.
-After a period of time, threads will be locked for commenting. This makes the volume of content manageable and readable.
-Once threads are locked, new threads will open.
-There will be one thread open PER forum. Meaning, under "Success Stories," only one thread will be open for commenting. Under "Dating Advice," one thread will be open for commenting. The rest of the threads will be locked.
-The only forum excluded from commenting is "Announcements".
-All comments will be pre-approved before they are posted.

We are excited about the new direction of our Community page. Stay tuned for more announcements as they arise.

Team FreeHookup

Juliette from FreeHookup
Posts: 877
Joined: 2 years ago

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