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Something seems different....

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Something seems different....

Postby Anne 3 days, 17 hours ago

We've seen the relationships (romantic and platonic) that have stemmed from this community. We've shared the stories that have made us cry and the dating horror stories that have made us laugh so hard...well...we cried then too!

The great news is, the people really do make the party. From the look of it, our rendez-vous here at FreeHookup has what it takes to keep going strong. Our community members haven't gone anywhere. In fact, I'll go as far to say that a little dust (for that we sincerely apologize) really can't get in the way of posting the intimate, hilarious, profound, and flirty threads that continue to grace these boards. The venue may be undergoing some transitions, but the content is all you.

Besides, I'm pretty sure that if Cheers redecorated, Norm would still be there "where everybody knows his name."

So thank you sincerely for your patience, but most importantly thanks for spending time with us in the community. Stay posted as we roll out some changes here and there.

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