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younger guy looking for older woman.

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younger guy looking for older woman.

Postby Anthony 25 days, 22 hours ago

so do older wiman realy like yourger men for sex or to try and hang on to there youth?
i wiling to do bolth :Dany cougars around give me a roar 8-)

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Re: younger guy looking for older woman.

Postby Darla 22 days, 23 hours ago

I don't go out with younger guys JUST because of the sex; tho it's nice!! :DWhoever I go out with is not based on age' it's based on how well we get along. If they don't mind any age difference, why should I?

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Re: younger guy looking for older woman.

Postby Beth 22 days, 23 hours ago

I have real issues with dating a younger guy. And, I warn you, I tend to be very blunt. But to me, blunt is honest, and being honest shows respect.

I'm 48. I finally know what I want. I finally know who I am, and I like the me I've become. I've spent my entire adult life (and most of the time before that) trying to please other people, and working toward their goals. Now that I am single again, I don't want to cater to anyone, I want to have a balanced relationship. I just don't think that is possible with a younger guy because they have not had all the experience time yet.

I have to wonder if younger guys are in it just for the sex. Personally and bluntly, I think this very post of yours is a solicitation - obviously. Sex with an older woman is less work for the younger guy, me thinks. She already knows what she wants, what pleases her, and what she's now willing to venture into without inhibitions. If a younger man is not willing to go through the processes of doing that himself, I'm not sure I want to be with him. Why would I want to teach someone how to do it all over again? A man without the experience under their belt is not what pleases me.

Then there are the logistics.

Younger men still want to have children, at some point. Older women are done with that.

Younger men have MUCH different expectatons of a relationship than older women. Relationships are difficult enough without adding that to the equation.

Younger men do not seem as confident in themselves as older men, to me. They still need the time to reach that point, I believe.

The social issues that go with the younger man - older woman scenario are still difficult. I don't want to deal with that, at this point. I'm weird enough, I don't need people in restaurants staring at us and then whispering behind their hands - ruining my date (if that's possible). Don't get me wrong, I don't really care what other people think, but it STILL adds stress to a relationship, whether people acknowledge that or not.

Anthony, NONE of this was personal to you, except where I say I think you were soliciting with your original post. The rest is my observation and opinion, and nothing more.

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