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Wow, this internet dating is hard!!

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Re: Wow, this internet dating is hard!!

Postby Missparkles 22 days, 4 hours ago

Daniel, any woman that wants anything from you before you've had time to get to know one another online, and in person if you find you like each other, is no lady, in my opinion.
Yes, I think mature men, and I use the word "mature" in the most complimentary and flattering way, know how to treat a lady.
But that is with respect, not cash or gifts. All any of us should be doing is getting to know each other, comparing likes and dislikes, and making sure the person we're talking to is talking to us for the right reasons.
Not because they want something, be it gifts, cash or just an expensive night out.
Don't let this one woman put you off, most women are quite independant nowadays and like to buy gifts for their men as much as men like to buy presents for women.
Take care daniel.


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