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This spot is for those who are "All grown up"

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Re: This spot is for those who are "All grown up"

Postby Victoria 79 days, 5 hours ago

Mikel wrote:"All Grown UP" just what does that mean? At 50 plus now ... not sure I am ready to do that.

:lol:I do not think that I know what all grown up means either. Growing pains have stopped. Brain fully developed. Wearing high heels and makeup. I suppose then I am all grown up. I am not ready for the armchair yet, and Mike I am sure the pipe and slippers are a long way from your thoughts. I agree. 50 is the new 40 and we have a lot of living to do. Enjoy life, enjoy people and places, have fun, or do we now have to go hide in a corner with a blanket or coat over our heads and wait to die. Is 50 doomed and we are done for? OH God my birthday is next week and had planned a good night out and few drinks and laughs, now I better get my knitting out and cosy wrap for my knees. Its the END

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Re: This spot is for those who are "All grown up"

Postby Lynda 76 days, 12 hours ago

Karl wrote:I would like to learn from your more mature ladies. i wanna learn more about women. are you willing to help me.

Hello Karl, I am a so called more mature lady from the u.k. my name is Lynda do u want to share with me the marvels of mature ladies!

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Re: This spot is for those who are "All grown up"

Postby Dianne 76 days, 7 hours ago

I think I am all grown up ... now I am in my 60s but I still do some stupid, even childish stuff! I guess stopping to think about what you are going to say before you say it is still good advice -- no matter what the age. :roll:

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Re: This spot is for those who are "All grown up"

Postby Brenda 69 days, 19 hours ago

O.K... O.K.... O.K.... "All Grown up", just thought it was kind of "cutsie", can mean lots of positive characteristics and morals, an independent thinker, financialy independent, responsibile, caring, law-abiding, self-supporting, all hang-ups sorted out, no deviant behaviours, mentally and emotional strong, a well rounded,happy and successful person, and, that person can be 30 years old and "All grown Up, and be 50 and a parasite. I initiated this forum, and, I didnt think it would be so difficult for people to understand, what I meant. I am 65 years old, and far, far, away from sitting in a corner and knitting and given up on life. If any of you want to start another forum, go for it....I was just trying to keep this segment from "the children", plenty of other sites for them to act like nincompoofs. LOL

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Re: Letting you in on my 'quote'.

Postby Maria 69 days, 1 hour ago

Hi Everybody!
I've read all the comments posted and just wanted to share how I handle this subject of 'being all grown up'. Are any of us every 'grown up'. I guess it all depends on how you interpret this. Yes, I'm grown up ... my ages tells me so. I guess when you hit the 50's at least everyone expects you to be this way. Well, the child is still in me and it comes out when least expected. And I enjoy it, a lot! I have two teenage girls who call me 'their teenager'. Being single again seems to bring it out. After being controlled (among other things), I have this desire to just be free for a while. And I think if you aren't able to 'smell the flowers' so to speak, then you've lost the game.

A number of people in my circle of friends are either turning 50 soon or have just turned 50. Many of them are having problems dealing with this. I think life is wonderful over 50. No hang ups, no self consciousness, life's accents are no longer really on the material side, etc But you know all that. I guess what helps me a great deal is the category I've put myself into. I (and all of you out there that would like to join) am now a member of the 'ageless society'. And everyone that is joining this side of the fence I greet with 'welcome to the ageless society'. Those that scoff at our age group I tease with my comment. So now it's up to you to interpret whatever that means to you.

Have a great day! And enjoy the moment. It's the only REAL thing in life - the now.

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Re: This spot is for those who are "All grown up"

Postby Ray 65 days, 19 hours ago

Was reading the thread and I'd like to say this "When Did I Become an Adult and How Do I Make It Stop." Actually I'm beginning to enjoy it. There are advantages: I now sit at the head of the table on holidays (not at the side table, where my children are now), I'm allowed to watch what I want on TV, I get to play on the floor with my grandkids (then take a nap), I can go out and enjoy an evening out while putting the younguns to shame. I say fhat as experience has taught us, the world doesn't revolve around the flash, it's not the calm before or after the storm, it's not waiting for the rain to go away, but learning to dance in it.

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Re: This spot is for those who are "All grown up"

Postby Nyzla 64 days, 11 hours ago

hiya! the great gold digger is here to play.
Any woman wanna have the pleasure of good company,thats Healthy,Wise,Kind,Loving & Understanding,
Your Search ends here.

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Re: This spot is for those who are "All grown up"

Postby Pauline 62 days, 19 hours ago

:roll:Hope you dont walk about in public with that headgear on ..... :!:

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Re: This spot is for those who are "All grown up"

Postby Melody 57 days, 18 hours ago

I'm new here and was delighted to find this venue. But do you really think the younger guys who cruse through here really want to learn anything? I think to them we are a game. :roll:If we try and educate them we're called "cougars". A shame really because most of the men I know who were "taught" by older women willingly and consistently rive her praise and credit for opening their eyes to being alot better at being a "MAN" in alot of areas in their life.

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Re: This spot is for those who are "All grown up"

Postby Darlin 57 days, 9 hours ago

hello dear lady, wish to meet a new friend?

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