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Just For Fun (Mood Changed)

Moderator: Anne

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Just For Fun (Mood Changed)

Postby Victoria 74 days, 10 hours ago

Hi Everybody, I am new as you probably can see. Not many topics to choose from on this part of the site. So decided to post one to hopefully give us a smile. Share with us what changed your mood today from Good to Bad or Bad to Good! Or Good to Very Good!!
I will start off:- My mood is normally good, so it can only be topped. Today I bought an item on auction site that really boosted my mood to very good. I know its simple but little things please me. Anyone going to share with us?

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Re: Just For Fun (Mood Changed)

Postby Dreamer 43 days, 18 hours ago

My mood today was VERY Good... After freezing all winter the weather today in my area of Michigan was 70 degrees.. Ask me next week what my mood is because the weather man just said on the news that it will snow here by the middle of the week.. That's Michigan for ya Don't Blink.

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