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Gift Lists

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Gift Lists

Postby Victoria 74 days, 8 hours ago

Any thoughts on this subject?
I cannot abide Gift Lists myself. I feel that if I want to buy a gift its my thought that goes into it and my effort to go and search for it and eventually buy it. I do not like anyone to dictate to me to buy an item for them, when this happens I buy them nothing at all. Its my Birthday next week and my friend has been asking me for weeks now for a list of things that I want, needless to say she never got one. I simply told her if you buy me I will be appreciative of anything. Recently I was invited to a Wedding and given a gift list with the invitation, astounded to read that gifts of $500 were acceptable. Is this the world gone MAD?? Love to hear you views

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Re: Gift Lists

Postby msdeb 67 days, 9 hours ago

Yes Victoria, the world has gone mad about "gifting", what is acceptable to some is an insult to us that have common sense!

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Re: Gift Lists

Postby Maria 64 days, 21 hours ago

Well, it's a sad day when you see a wedding list like that. I truly think that this capitalist society we live in is to blame. I'm by no means a socialist of communist or anything like that. I also have to live with they way things are but it's really sad to see that people can't see beyond their material 'horse blinds'. Quite frankly, I would find something else to do on this particular day.

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