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First Date

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Re: First Date

Postby Larry 44 days, 4 hours ago

I can't remember my first date. It was back in the mid 60's. But I have a story about a recent date. About 4 years after my wife past I started dating and I got on a different dating site. I was very cautious and wanted to get to know her before we first met. She had a nice profile and a beautiful pic. After about 4 months I finally ask her out for a coffee. She showed up, must have been 70, 600 lbs. wearing shorts 3 sizes too small, dirty tee shirt with no bra, and no teeth in her head. While waiting in line, she told me the pic and most of the profile was her daughter. After getting the coffee, she sat at a table, handed her the coffee and told her I agreed to buy her a coffee but didn't say I would drink it with her. I was out of there in a flash. One lesson I got out of this experience not to waste time get to know someone before you met. As soon as she says hi and I know she is breathing on her own, a coffee meeting is mentioned.

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Re: First Date

Postby ♫ SHOPCHIK ♫ 16 days, 3 hours ago

Yea Larry I know what you mean. The net is full of people who have NO problem blowing smoke up your tailpipe and theres no shortage of crazies either. You gotta be real careful. Good luck in your quest for "the one". As for my first date Anne, it was 1971 on a Sunday afternoon. I was all of 13 yrs old. The boys name was David and boy did I have a crush on him. We went to the movies and saw a James Bond film "Live and let die". Afterward he bought me a hot dog at James Coney Island. I was in hog heaven and will never forget it. He was a perfect gentleman and held my hand. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy. LOL. Ah the good old days. :D

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